Are they watching “The Crown” in Buckingham?

Actors Steven Boxer and Gillian Anderson play Dennis and Margaret Thatcher in “The Crown” respectively. The last season, which deals with the story of the pre-convicted marriage between Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, has raised the serious question: Is the palace watching the series? (photo by Des Willie / Netflix via The New York Times)

If there was a TV series that would show your family as a patchwork of unbelieving snobs willing to push a fragile young princess into despair, would you watch it? “Think about it. “If you are a member of the British royal family, there is no way you can sit together and watch ‘The Crown’,” Palace Palace reporter for the Times of London, Valentin Lowe, said.

The last season of the series, which deals with the story of the premeditated marriage between Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, has provoked reactions in the British media. The questions are: How accurate is the script? (Enough, but adorned with fiction.) Is there really the Ibble dibble and is it popular in the British ruling class? (Yes.) Is the royal family watching “The Crown”? (Those who know the answer, refuse to comment.)

The last season, starring Prince Charles’s wedding to Diana, has provoked reactions in the British media.

What makes the series so popular with the television audience is its ability to echo the insidious thoughts and private conversations of members of the secretive Windsor family. The members of the royal family are so taciturn, “aggressively discreet” and reluctant to show the slightest public introspection, that the mere thought of participating in the “Crown” debate seems unthinkable. The BBC’s Royal Correspondent, Johnny Dimont, notes: “We know that Palace officials are watching the series and I know they are concerned. “But I do not know if the family members are watching her.” According to a 2017 report, Queen Elizabeth had accepted the proposal of her son, Edward, to watch some episodes together. “Fortunately, she liked it, although some events seemed too staged,” The Express reported.

In the highly royal Daily Telegraph, Simon Heffer wrote with great irony about the ignorance of the “Crown Prince” screenwriters: season, in August “. Some members of the royal family leak their dissatisfaction with the series through their “circles”. This is especially true of Prince Charles, who spent decades trying to restore his reputation after his divorce from Diana and her death in an accident in Paris. The series, however, reminds viewers that Charles’s relationship with his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, was contracted before he even married Diana.

It seems that Diana’s children have also adopted a negative attitude towards the “Crown”. “The Duke of Cambridge, William, is unhappy that both his parents are being exploited financially and appear in a false and simplistic way in the script,” a member of William’s “circle” told the Daily Mail. When actress Olivia Coleman, who plays the queen, asked Prince William if she saw the “Crown”, he replied angrily with a one-word denial.