Big explosion with victims in Bristol

Four people were killed and one was injured in a large explosion at a water recycling plant near Bristol, the Times writes. “Four dead and one injured in the blast in Avonmouth,” wrote journalist Will Humphries on Twitter. “Workers were on top of a chemical tank at a Wessex Water plant when it exploded.”

Emergency services said there was a major explosion at the plant in Ewonmouth. The explosion is believed to have taken place in one of the chemical tanks of the water recycling unit of the water company Wessex Water.

“We can confirm that there are many casualties,” said a spokeswoman for Avon Fire Department, adding that the injuries were serious. The operations of the rescue teams continue.

There is no more information about the injured. Police said a full investigation would be launched into the incident. “Police investigations into what exactly happened are at an early stage and are ongoing,” said Inspector Mark Raneikers.