At 50-50 the chances of a Brussels-London agreement

The Irish Prime Minister says that everything is on the razor’s edge

The chances of an agreement on Britain leaving the European Union smoothly are at 50%. The talks, which resumed on Sunday, “are on the razor’s edge”, said Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin.

“My instinct is that we are at 50-50 at the moment, and I do not think anyone can be too optimistic that a solution will be found,” Mr Martin told Irish state broadcaster RTE.

His approach was much more pessimistic than previous estimates that spoke of the possibility of an agreement in the coming days.

“My feeling, having talked to some of the key players, is that there is a very difficult issue that needs to be resolved, that on equal terms for all. “Things are on the razor’s edge and they are serious,” said Martin.

“Talks can continue even until Thursday ‘s summit,” the Irish leader said, referring to the upcoming summit of European Union heads of state and government on December 10.

Source: Reuters