Ground control, this looks like a coin

And that David Bowie found himself, even after his death, in space thanks to the Royal Mint of Britain. The creator of Starman became a coin, launched into space for a while, but back down, unlike other strange objects that are still in orbit.

The Royal Mint to honor Bowie created a commemorative coin, which belongs to the “Music Legends” series along with coins of the Queen and Elton John. The Bowie-profiled coin came out of the Earth’s atmosphere with a meteorological balloon and reached a height of 35.6 kilometers above the planet’s surface, before returning safely to Britain.

According to the Guardian, it was the first time that a coin, at least British, was launched from Earth into space and now that it has returned it will end up in the hands of a lucky winner of the Bowie competition organized by the Mint on Facebook.

However, we would say that a coin in space is the least bizarre object humanity has ever sent out there. reminds us that in 2018, the test drive made by Elon Musk on the Tesla Roadster went unexpectedly well and the car was launched into space by SpaceX and even in live broadcast. The car is in orbit around the Sun and in a few tens of millions of years it will fall to the surface of Venus or to Earth. In 2011, three Lego figures boarded the Juno spacecraft to explore Jupiter, and in 2007 a team of NASA Jedi astronauts took on a mission Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber from the 1983 Star Wars “Episode VI: Return of the JediĀ». In 2001, and this flight is perhaps the strangest, Pizza Hut made the most expensive delivery in the history of pizza after sending a special to the International Space Station that cost $ 1 million. There was no crumb left.