Rita Ora apologizes for second breach of Covid lockdown restrictions

The British pop singer Rita Ora has apologized once again for violating the restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus of the British government. Rita Ora returned from Egypt, where on November 21 she participated in a private event. According to an article in the Mail On Sunday newspaper, there he sang in front of a select audience at the luxury hotel “W” in Cairo, receiving a six-figure sum as a reward. According to unconfirmed sources, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was present at the event.

When she returned to Britain the next day, instead of having to confine herself to her home for 14 days, Rita Ora organized a birthday party, although gatherings were banned, in violation of the law twice. Last week, the British singer apologized for the rally and offered to pay the fine imposed in these cases, without revealing the lightning trip to Egypt and the breaking of the quarantine.

Chelsea and Kensington City Hall have denied that the singer paid a. 10,000 fine for a party at the Santa Cruz restaurant in Notting Hill. Although she had stated that it was a “small gathering”, at least 30 people attended the celebration.

In the announcement with which she apologizes for the second time, the singer calls on her fans not to follow her example, emphasizing that “the regrets and guilt I felt last week because of my mistake, were really not worth it. Instead, you must comply with the government recommendations and appeals of all the heroes fighting the coronavirus in the British NSS and take all necessary precautionary measures. I accept the strong criticism against me, because I really deserve it “. Finally, the singer pledged that in the future she will make amends both to her fans, who supported her for so many years, and to the health, the heroes of the British NSS.