B. Johnson hurried to Brussels

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is rushing to Brussels on Wednesday to meet with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in a last-ditch effort to reach a trade deal on Britain’s smooth exit from the European Union.

In the run-up to a Brexit without an agreement on 1 January, London now appears willing to make further concessions than it has already made on fisheries and Northern Ireland. However, the issue of equal treatment of British and European companies remains open, as well as the way in which aspects of the agreement are enforced.

Despite the pandemic, Mr Johnson will fly to the Belgian capital on Wednesday for a working dinner with the head of the Commission, during which an extensive review and in-depth discussion of the outstanding issues will take place, lest a common ground be found in the five , as reported by the BBC.

“This is a crucial moment in judging the success or failure of the whole operation,” the BBC said, adding that any progress made during the two leaders’ direct contacts would not be the final agreement but the impetus for more talks between officials.

Mr Johnson will take part in the parliamentary lunchtime in London, which corresponds to the Greek Prime Minister’s Time, before traveling to Brussels, a few hours before the start of the EU Summit on Thursday.

Source: BBC