Commission: Emergency package if Brexit talks fail

Arrangements for road and air transport, and fishing are proposed

An alternative draft measure in the event of the failure of the Brexit talks was presented by the European Commission on Thursday, as the Brussels talks with London still have significant obstacles to overcome.

The measures are intended to ensure for six months the basic reciprocal air and road connectivity between the EU and the United Kingdom, as well as the possibility of mutual fishing access for EU and British vessels to the waters of both sides.

According to the Commission, the aim of these emergency measures is to take care of the period during which there will be no agreement. If no agreement is implemented, the measures will expire after the predetermined period.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasized that the negotiations were still ongoing: “However, as the end of the transitional period is very close, there is no guarantee that, if and when an agreement is reached, it can enter into force in a timely manner. It is our responsibility to prepare for any eventuality, including the possibility of not having an agreement with the United Kingdom on 1 January. ”

The four measures proposed concern basic air and road connectivity, aviation safety and fisheries.

The Commission has stated that it will work closely with the European Parliament and the Council to facilitate the implementation of all four proposed regulations on 1 January 2021.