Banksy’s new work with a strong sneeze in Bristol

Banksy unveiled his new mural on a wall in a Bristol house showing a woman sneezing and losing her false teeth. He confirmed that he is behind this humorous image, the mural entitled “Aachoo !!”, on the side of an unfinished house in Totterdown. The old woman holding a handkerchief sneezes so hard that she loses her bag and cane and part of her denture.

She shows a woman with a headscarf holding a handkerchief, but throws her cane and bag as she loses her dentures while sneezing. In fact, in the photos he uploaded to his personal instagram account, he also shows a man doing behind the power of sneezing while his umbrella is disintegrating. The mural is on the steepest uphill road on Vale Street, where the annual egg race takes place on Easter Sunday.

The occupants of the house immediately rushed to cover the mural to protect it.

The project was completed on Thursday and many people have already been there to photograph it. This is not Banksy’s first work in the pandemic. Last October, one of his works appeared in Nottingham Lenton, with a girl hula hooping on the wheel of a bicycle.