Extension for a smooth Brexit

Boris Johnson and Ursula Von der Leyen agreed to give the talks another chance.

Brussels and London have agreed to give a new extension to the talks on the smooth exit of Great Britain from the European Union, in case they manage to agree on at least a common ground by the deadline of 31 December.

So on Monday a new round of talks begins after any progress made during the extension period until Sunday, and while the reports in Britain about the very difficult conditions that are expected to face the market in Britain from January 1 are increasing.

In a “constructive” telephone conversation on Sunday between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the many “important unresolved issues” were discussed, and it was agreed to continue the talks, although the timetable is now too short. follow the necessary procedures for ratification of any agreement, if and when it is reached.

The two leaders instructed their negotiators to continue talks in Brussels “to see if an agreement is possible even at this later stage”.

No mention was made of the timing of the new talks, but the December 31 deadline for a ratified agreement is extremely close now.

On Monday, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will brief the ambassadors of the 27 member states on developments.

Source: BBC