Feast… before the new lock for young Londoners (pictures)

Hundreds of young people in Soho without the slightest protection measure

As if there is no tomorrow, many Londoners took to the streets on Tuesday night, in view of their new, strict lock for the coming weeks due to the increased coronavirus statistics in the city.

Areas such as Soho, in the heart of London, but also the famous Piccadilly Circus, resembled New Year’s Eve before the coronavirus, with hundreds of young people having fun without the slightest protection.

The rogue Londoners who drank, partyed, danced and dragged themselves through the streets of the West End had no distances, no masks, and nothing else, until they were picked up.

The police, the only mask the photos, avoid interfere, staying in most cases mere observers of gatherings in bars, pubs and streets.

The omens are anything but positive for the average Londoner. Every day is flooded with news and information about very difficult days to come, as crowds in shops and restaurants and entertainment venues in the British capital have led to an outbreak of cases and the return of the city from Wednesday to the highest level of emergency measures.

In addition, they hear about the spread of a mutation in the virus that makes it even more contagious in the greater South East of England.

As if that were not enough, they also hear warnings of problems that will arise in their daily lives from 1 January due to a possible non-trade agreement for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

With all this around them, the young Londoners have the need to spend, but they did it out of control, something that certainly foretells a further increase in cases in a few tens of days…

Photo: REUTERS / Henry Nicholls