Britain seeks trade agreements with US, Australia, India

In the wake of the London-Brussels Brexit agreement, the United Kingdom is now seeking to sign trade agreements with Australia, the United States and countries in the India-Pacific region, according to British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab.

“We are seeking to sign trade agreements from Australia to the United States, but also with the whole world. “Especially with the India-Pacific region, which is a huge growing market for the future,” Raab told The Telegraph.

“In January, the prime minister will visit India to promote our economic ties with the world’s largest democracy and will be with Prime Minister Narendra Monti in celebrating Republic Day,” he said.

On Sunday, the UK Department of Commerce announced that Britain and Turkey would sign a free trade agreement on Tuesday.

This agreement is the fifth largest that London has negotiated with individual countries, after those with Japan, Canada, Switzerland and Norway. In total, Britain has concluded trade agreements with 62 countries.

With information from Reuters