Hopeless situation in the London hospitals

The situation in London hospitals is nightmarish, with intensive care overflowing, patients being transported to other parts of England, ambulances queuing at clinics and doctors soon facing dilemmas about who to treat and who to treat. leave.

The coronavirus is rampant in the British capital and its hospitals, once the cradle of European health services, are no longer able to cope with the flood of cases that need to be imported, according to the press in Britain.

On Monday night, the occupancy rate was 114% for intensive care units in London, which means that for every eight people who needed intensive care, there were seven beds. The intensive care unit has requested the transfer of patients to hospitals in the north of England, specifically in Yorkshire.

Ambulances are reported to be queuing outside hospitals, where nurses are rushing to assess the condition of each coronavirus case to assess on-the-spot what treatment is needed.

According to a health adviser in Britain, the time is approaching when doctors will do what their colleagues did in the spring in Italy and Spain, that is, to choose who they will try to treat.

Dr Claudia Paoloni, president of the British Association of Hospital Counselors and Experts, told the Guardian that “the National Health System simply does not have the beds to meet demand. “Some areas will overflow for days, and if the possibility of intubation is exceeded, horrible choices will have to be made for those who will live or die.”

According to the Health Service Journal, the number of patients in the intensive care unit in London alone has increased from 300 to 636 in two weeks.

Source: Daily Mail, The Guardian