The next steps after Brexit

EU member states voted unanimously yesterday. the green light in the agreement reached by the European Commission and the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve, on the new trade relationship between the two sides. The next step is the debate and the vote on the agreement in the British Parliament on December 30.

If the House of Commons and the House of Lords vote in favor of the agreement, it will take effect on a provisional basis from 1 January, pending a vote in the European Parliament. The Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament officially announced yesterday that it accepts the provisional application of the agreement and stated that it will discuss with the Commission and the Presidency of the European Council the possibility of its extension, so that MEPs can vote in plenary in March.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is expected to sign a new trade agreement with Turkey today. The new agreement will replace the terms valid until 31 December, which are set by the EU customs union. – Turkey. Under the Brexit transition period, the United Kingdom will remain part of the EU customs union until the end of 2020. Bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Turkey amounts to 18.6 billion pounds (20.6 billion euros) a year, according to the British Ministry of Commerce.

Britain is the second largest export destination of the Turkish economy, but the trade agreement between the two sides could not be finalized until a Brexit agreement was reached. Its terms include London and Ankara to have contacts within the next two years for a possible extension of the agreement to services, including digital, but also further liberalization of trade terms for agricultural products. Turkey has been calling for a corresponding upgrade in its trade relations with the EU for years, but negotiations have stalled due to the deterioration of the rule of law in the country and tensions with Europe caused by Turkish foreign policy.

Otherwise, the end of the transition period means, among other things, that from 1.1.2021, the British who want to travel to the EU. they must have a passport valid for at least six months after the trip. Those who want to travel with their pets should visit the vet and obtain an animal health certificate, as well as the EU pet passport. shall cease to apply to Britain on 1 January. In addition, the British authorities will no longer be able to issue European health cards valid in the EU member states. The Johnson administration has announced it will issue a successor card, but it remains unknown when. Mobile phone companies will also have the option – the larger providers have announced that they will not – to reintroduce roaming charges.