Boris Johnson’s father wants to become… French

The day Britain formally leaves the European Union, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Stanley Johnson, announced that he had applied for a French passport in order to maintain contact with the EU after Brexit, which he promoted like no other. son of.

Father Johnson has different views from his most famous son. A former MEP, the 80-year-old Briton became famous in Greece last summer because τηκε he took advantage of windows of restrictions for the coronavirus to come for his vacation in Pelion. In the 2016 referendum, he voted against Brexit, going against the “very” Boris.

On Thursday, Stanley Johnson made statements in France, and even in French, to convince that he has the right to become a French citizen as a true European.

“If I understand correctly, I am French. My mother was born in France, her mother was completely French, as was her grandfather. “For me it is nothing more than a recovery from what I already have, and that makes me very happy,” Father Johnson told French radio station RTL.

“I will always be European, that’s for sure. No one can tell the British people that they are not Europeans. “Keeping in touch with the EU is important,” said Stanley Johnson.

Source: Reuters