Spain – Britain agreement on Gibraltar

London and Madrid have reached an “agreement in principle” on Gibraltar, which will allow free movement on the border between Spain and the British enclave south of the Iberian Peninsula, the Spanish government has said. Foreign Minister Aransha Gondhaleth Laya.

The agreement was reached just a few hours before the entry into force of Brexit, today at midnight (01:00 New Year, Greek time) and thus avoids turning from tomorrow, Friday, the border between Gibraltar and Spain into “tough” border between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Under the agreement, this British Overseas Territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula will remain part of agreements with the European Union, such as the Schengen area.

The Schengen agreements, which guarantee the free movement of people between 26 European countries without passport control, will henceforth apply to the British enclave of Gibraltar, the Spanish Foreign Minister announced.

“There is no fence anymore. “The Schengen agreement applies to Gibraltar (in its relations) with Spain, which allows the lifting of controls between Gibraltar and Spain, this allows the fence to be lifted,” said Aranza Gondhalet Laya, just hours before Brexit took effect. .

Madrid and London have been negotiating how to police the land borders between Spain and Gibraltar, which were excluded from an exit agreement reached last week between Britain and the European Union.