Over 60,000 cases for the first time

The United Kingdom has recorded for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic more than 60,000 cases of the new coronavirus infection in a 24-hour period, as the country faces a more infectious mutation of the virus.

Today’s report is another reminder of the seriousness of the health crisis as England and Scotland entered a global lockdown yesterday, similar in severity as in March, with orders to stay home.

“The rapid rise in cases is particularly worrying and will unfortunately mean even greater pressure on health services in the heart of winter,” she said. Yvonne Doyle, Director of Public Health in England. “That’s why if we can, we have to stay home.”

The number of daily cases is maintained over 50,000 in the last eight days.

Also today it was announced that another 830 people succumbed to the disease, from the 407 deaths reported yesterday, according to government figures.

Although the number of cases is increasing, the number of tests conducted in Britain has also increased since the peak of the first wave last year.
“Positive one in fifty Britons”

During the briefing, the British Prime Minister stated that more than one million people in England are now carriers of the virus, with the number of patients in hospitals being 40% higher than the first peak of the epidemic in the country.

He also said that over 1.3 million people have been vaccinated in the UK so far, including 1.1 million people in England and more than 650,000 people aged 80 and over.

Professor Chris Whitney said that the rate of cases in the country has increased by 70% in the last two weeks of 2020, while the Office for National Statistics estimates that about one in 50 Britons is currently positive for the virus.

Professor Whitey added that the new executive is on the rise “in all” parts of the United Kingdom.

At the same time, he noted that the number of patients in hospitals is higher than ever, which, as he stressed, means that there will be “inevitably an increase in deaths” in the coming weeks.

Finally, Johnson said that under certain conditions, the lockdown measures could be lifted in mid-February.