Johnson: There is no systemic racism in Britain

“There is no longer systemic racism in Britain, but more needs to be done to address it,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a government-sponsored report on racial inequality.

The report was released yesterday by the Committee on Racial and Ethnic Inequalities and was commissioned following the Black Lives Matter protests. According to her, geographical, family and socioeconomic factors play a greater role in the opportunities that people have in their lives than race.

Activists, however, condemned the findings of the investigation and denounced the “cover-up”.

“I do not want to say that the government will completely agree with what is said about it. There is, however. some original and interesting work on it. “I think people need to read and think,” Johnson said.

“There are very serious issues that our society is facing and they have to do with racism, which we need to address. “We need to do more to fix it and we need to understand the seriousness of the problem.”

It is noted that today the media reported that Johnson’s special adviser for national minorities, Samuel Kasumou, is resigning. For his part, Downing Street commented “his departure next May is not linked to the exhibition.”

The BBC. In February, Kasumu’s intention was to resign due to “unbearable pressure” on Downing Street and the ruling Conservative Party’s desire, he said, to pursue “a policy based on secession”.

Speaking to reporters, Johnson thanked Kasumu. “He did a great job of encouraging ethnic minority groups to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” he said.