Fuel shortages: London criticizes carriers’ union

British Transport Secretary Grand Saps has accused a union representing the road transport sector of “fueling” fuel shortages in the country, shortly after the British government decided to issue 5,000 entry visas to foreign drivers to settle the crisis.

“One of the unions representing the transporters provided irresponsible information (about possible shortages), which helped to provoke the crisis,” the transport minister told Sky News today, denouncing a “situation created” by a “Very unnecessary” and “counterproductive” energy.

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For several days now, gas stations have closed and huge queues have formed in others, with the British ignoring the government’s calls for calm and amassing fuel supplies.

Cause: shortages, also affecting the agri-food sector, caused by the absence of 100,000 truck drivers due to Brexit and the pandemic. A situation that many industries have been warning about for months, but which the Minister of Transport attributed to the responsibility of an association representing transporters.

“There was a meeting 10 days ago during which one of the carriers’ associations decided to reveal details to the media,” he said. “This has caused quite a bit of concern, as people are reacting to this kind of thing.”

The minister did not name the union, but a government source told the Mail on Sunday that the Road Haulage Association was “solely responsible for this panic and this chaos.”

Saps accused the industry associations of “wanting at all costs” to hire “more European drivers, who are cutting British wages”.

Rob McKenzie of the Road Haulage Association called the allegations “baseless” “absurd” and warned the media of possible shortcomings, saying the government should focus on a “comprehensive” approach to the crisis. .